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Keys To Successful Social Security Disability Or ERISA Disability Claims

A disabling illness or injury can leave you feeling helpless. What’s worse, the process of getting the benefits you need and deserve can feel overwhelming. It can feel like the system is set up to deny your claim rather than help you get the support you need.

Realizing that you need a lawyer’s assistance is a powerful first step toward obtaining the financial support that you need and deserve. Law Office of J. Jason Heinze, LLC is a valuable resource. I am attorney Jason Heinze, and I have helped many clients get the Social Security disability benefits and ERISA disability benefits they deserve.

Guidance For ERISA Disability Claims (Short Term and Long Term)

Has your insurer denied your claim for short term or long term disability benefits? It probably won’t surprise you to read that I strongly recommend you get an experienced ERISA disability lawyer to help you with your claim. At the same time, I recognize that the decision to hire an attorney is an important and very personal one.

However, if you are even considering hiring a lawyer to help with your ERISA disability claim, I urge you to contact me or another experienced ERISA disability attorney as quickly as you can. The best time to get an attorney in these claims is when your insurance company first denies your claim: not after your appeal has been denied.

Again, whether or not to hire a lawyer is a personal decision, and you don’t have to hire me, but please: don’t think you can do the appeal yourself and then just hire an attorney if the insurer denies your appeal. Once an insurance company denies your appeal, the damage to your claim is done and a lawyer will have a very hard time helping you at that point.

Guidance For Social Security Disability Claims

Winning a Social Security Disability claim requires extensive medical evidence that thoroughly documents your injury or illness and how it affects you day-to-day. Unfortunately, most doctors, even the supportive ones, don’t know how to document an individual’s conditions in the way that is most effective for winning a disability claim.

I work closely with my clients to thoroughly understand their symptoms and limitations so I can ensure that these things are properly documented by their providers. I know what it takes to win claims and I put that knowledge to work for my clients. Even if you don’t hire me, however, I encourage you to read my blog posts about ways that you can strengthen your claim on your own.

The majority of people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are denied at the first stage of the application process. And almost everyone who appeals that initial denial is denied again at the second stage. It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. However, an experienced Social Security disability attorney can help prepare your claim so that you have the best chance of winning when you have your hearing with a Social Security judge.

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