Help For Social Security Disability
& ERISA Disability Claims

Helping People With ERISA Disability & Social Security Disability Claims

I’m Jason Heinze, and helping people is what I like best about my job. To be most effective, I’ve focused my practice exclusively on Social Security disability claims and ERISA disability claims. Social Security disability claims seem simple at first. All you need to do is prove you are unable to work for at least a 12-month period.

Unfortunately, this can be very difficult, especially if you have medical conditions that cause symptoms which are hard to prove like: fatigue, pain, and cognitive or psychological problems. I can help you document these life-altering symptoms so that you have the best chance of winning your claim.

Experienced Disability Law Representation For Maine

There Is Nothing
Simple About ERISA

ERISA is The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It governs most employee benefits plans in the U.S. The law is more than 1,000 sections long and has volumes of regulations. If you are having difficulty obtaining benefits from your employer’s benefits program, you may have an ERISA issue.

I focus my practice on these difficult areas because I understand how important these benefits are and how frustrating the process can be: the difficulty identifying who you need to speak with, the endless phone menus, and the repeated form letters asking for information you have already supplied multiple times. It’s overwhelming but don’t give up! I can help.

How Can I Help You With Your Disability Claim?

I Love Helping People

I had a successful career in architecture and design, but something was missing. Eventually, I was fortunate to find my real passion helping disabled individuals obtain the benefits they deserve to live independently and with dignity.

I know the claims process is extremely frustrating. It usually seems more designed to discourage people than to pay benefits. I will take the time to listen to you and work with you. We will develop the strategy necessary to get the benefits you need. I provide a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with me.