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J. Jason Heinze

Prior to my career as an attorney, I worked as an architectural designer in Boston. However, I soon realized my job wasn't providing me with the sense of fulfillment it should have. My feelings were confirmed when I spoke with my late father-in-law, who spent his life representing clients who were disabled. Inspired by our talks, I enrolled at the University of Maine School of Law, where I earned my J.D. in 2015. I have since been proudly guiding clients through some of the toughest moments in their lives. From my office in Portland, Maine, I am able to represent clients throughout the state. My services also span to the surrounding areas of Portsmouth and Concord, New Hampshire, as well Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Advice for Filing a Claim

Always Tell the Truth

Both Social Security Disability and ERISA disability claims can be difficult to win, and stretching the truth on your application won't make them any easier. Make sure your medical records are accurate before you file a claim, as they are a key piece of evidence used to determine whether it will be approved.

Don't Go Through It Alone

The application process can be complicated. Save yourself from frustration by working with a knowledgeable attorney who can walk you through each step. At the Law Office of J. Jason Heinze, LLC, I'm here to help you ensure your injury or illness is properly documented in order to strengthen your claim.


See what my clients have to say.

"I believe that Jason is a person that truly cares about his clients. His expertise with negotiating the Social Security system is fostered by his commitment and empathy that he demonstrated toward me. He is very easy to talk to and treated me with respect and dignity. I feel that Jason definitely put the required time and effort into my case ensuring that I received my benefits. I would highly recommend him."
— Mark S.
"From start to finish, my case was handled thoughtfully and thoroughly. Attorney Jason Heinze was clear and helpful throughout the process. He is personable and empathetic while being professional. I’m glad and grateful that I chose him to represent me."
— Kate L.
"Jason was understanding, empathetic, and knowledgeable on all of my disabling conditions. He provided support during the entire process, and explained everything in great detail, answering any questions I had. He was thorough in gathering all important data for my case and worked closely with my care providers to provide as much information as possible for my case. He made the immensely overwhelming process as smooth as possible. I felt seen and heard, which made all the difference."
— Heidi M.

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When you suddenly become ill, injured, or disabled, your entire world gets turned upside down, especially if you lose your ability to work. During these times of uncertainty, you need to take advantage of federal programs like Social Security Disability. These benefits can help you protect your future, your family, and your livelihood. Start filing a claim with guidance from an attorney.

At the Law Office of J. Jason Heinze, LLC, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to represent people who are struggling with serious life changes. As a solo practitioner, I'm able to provide my clients with the personal and attentive service they deserve. Allow me to shoulder your legal burdens so you can better focus on your health and well-being.

If you're finding it difficult to receive benefits under your employer's insurance plan, you may need an ERISA attorney. The ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) governs all private employer-provided employee benefit plans. As an ERISA lawyer, I'm prepared to investigate your denied claim and help you seek the outcome you need to move forward.

Don't let an illness or injury take more from you than it already has. Start pursuing the benefits you deserve with help from a Social Security Disability and ERISA attorney. Contact me for legal assistance throughout the state of Maine.